Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Still no internet

The internet at work is still Jaffed so for the last two days I've been using my K800i as a modem via the wonderful T-Mobile Web 'n' Walk plus which connects at a staggering 115Kbps (about 40KB/s download if i'm lucky) which beats the pants off our poxy broadband here at work(connects at 8Mbps and downloads at about 2KB/s. But hopefully that should all be changing next week when we get a second line installed.

So for now, I'm not doing much online (this blog is turning into a blog about not being able to style up this blog!) but I have got a couple of other things on the go.

inyerface theatre company
This website is a favour for some friends and I'm going to meet them soon to get phase 1 (news and performances sections) live while I work on phase 2 which will bring images to the site in the form of photo galleries.

Banana Cake...
... is the working name for a simple bug tracking app that I'm in the process of building.
This came about after my moan the other day that I was bored with work/the internet and so I decided to get off my arse and do something about it.

Banana Cake is about 15% done (in about 4hrs spread over 2 and a half evenings) so I'm hopeful I'll actually produce something before I lose steam (like I usually do). Once I've got it to a reasonable state I'm going to unleash it on my work colleagues where it will hopefully fill a gap in our infrastructure (have you ever tried setting up bugzilla, nightmare) and get some useful feedback for it.

I might even buy a domain for it and try and make something of it! But before any of that happens I've got my tax return to do before the end of the month... bloody inland revenue!

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