Monday, 9 November 2009

Passing a User Generated Image From Adobe Flash to ASP.NET

A few months ago I was browsing StackOverflow while waiting for a question I had asked to be answered (typical SO user behaviour or am I a bit of a freeloader?) when I came across a question asking how to pass an image from Flash to ASP.NET and I thought "this is definitely one for me".

I have four years experience with ASP.NET from my day job at a Leading UK Marketing Agency and about a million years experience with Flash from being a student at the Hull School of art and Design, teaching Interactive Multimedia at the University of Lincoln and using it in personal and professional projects.

I'm a massive fan of StackOverflow and find it an invaluable resource, so in the interest of giving a little bit back to the community, I placed a bookmark on my desktop with the intention of writing a solid answer to the question.

Four months go by and finally, I get round to doing it. And so, you can now read about how to send a generated image from Adobe Flash (using ActionScript 3) to an ASP.NET backend and hopefully my karmic daemons will leave me alone for another week.

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