Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Working from home

So this Sunday I ran in the Horsforth 10Km race and finished in 46mins, not my personal best but it was a hilly course so it was always going to be difficult achieving that, and to boot I had pulled my left knee a little bit in training the Tuesday before.

This little pull has turned into a full blown injury which sees me working from home today and tomorrow and with a physio appointment 1st thing on Thursday.

Working from home has for a long time been a nightmare of mine. Simply because I do not (or did not) possess enough self dicipline to put in a full and productive days work. Until now!

I used to work part time at a University and then, in my "spare" time work on a few freelance bits and pieces, which seemed like a chore and I would always have to work late into the night to get to a point where I had achieved enough *work* for the day.

But I'm setting the record straight today. I was up at 7am with Smithy (mainely because I had a doctors appointment to get to) and then when I got back I was straight to the laptop and into the working. Had 40 mins for lunch and then more working. It feels good, this home working lark...

Luck I've got another day of it tomorrow then!...

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