Saturday, 14 June 2008

On Aire

I started thinking about On Aire ages ago as a project that would enable me and my work mates to do things we don't get chance to look at and explore in our 9-to-5 but to date all that has come from it is a blog post and a domain registration...

Now that summer has (almost) got a hold of the UK I find that Gina and myself are asking more and more where we could go out for food or a relaxed drink in comfortable yet stylish (poncy twat?) sorroundings.

And so this has started me thinking again about the idea behind On Aire, to provide a personalized guide to *evening entertainments* (tm) in the area of the river Aire (which is about 90% of Leeds depending on how liberal you are).

So hopefully my ever expanding network of half started projetcs will be growing once again with the addition of a social network stylée food/drink bar/resturante recomendation thing.

I'm going to try and get Brain and the Flash guys on board with a nice AIR app (half of the projects name sake, trying to be all web 2.ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh or something) that will make suggestions where you might eat or drink that day or evening.

In theory this could be expanded to any and all kind of events and other fandangled features but I think I want to get some feature, no matter how small, online soon so that it might start getting used and so spur me and the (possible) team on to expan the thing.

So hopefully I and some of the other guys at work will start posting over on the On Aire blog and might even get something on the site. I've got some ideas for the design of the site and features of the app so I'm gonna try and pitch them to the lads and see if I can get something rolling.

Watch this (or that) space for more...

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