Friday, 18 April 2008

Ohhh so close

Christ I'm slack!

About a million years ago I prommissed some old friends a website for their youth theatre group, I said I'd do it for free as they have alway been good to me and so I set about being really really reaaaalllyyyy lethargic about the whole thing! It comes in fits and spurts, that last one being around the beginning of February, which as Is pretty slack.

So I've done it again; I'm spurting into another fit of enthusiasm and I'm going to put it to good use! I spent an hour last night and I was in the office at 7AM this morning getting it ready. I'm going to sent Hillary and Steve a link and isntructions to the first version of the site, Complete with a few basic pages, a news section and a place where they can document the past, pressent and future production of the theatre company.

I'm going to hold their hand through the innitial setup and hopefully watch the traffic pour in!

The photo gallery bit is about 70% done but I'm going to go live without it now as I reckon watching the hits pile (?? trickle) in on google analytics will spur me on some more to get the gallery up and running. The site looks a bit bare without it so it definitely needs to happen, and this time I think it will! i really really reaaallllyyyy do!

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