Monday, 11 February 2008

Banana Cake v0.011111 alpha beta gama delta something or other LIVE!

Today I put the first version of Banana Cake live on an internal web server and invited my co-developers here at twentysix leeds to become my testers.

We've got a couple of current projects set up on there and I hope the guys will use it to track what they are doing and hopefully provide me with some excellent and useful feedback over the next few weeks.

If they do and and they find it useful day to day then my plan is to roll it out to the entire office ( a whole 25 users !) . With a bit of luck I'll have come up with a real name for it by then and sorted out the dicey interface although gay Dave says he likes the way it looks as it is...

I'm off to look at the bugs list for Banana Cake and get some issues sorted.

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